How to remove junk in Vancouver?

Once in a while we all get into a situation where we are stuck with items that we don’t need, and we have no idea how to get rid of them. There is the period when we think that they are of value, but reality settles in quickly. This is the point at which we look for a professional hauling service. This article will assist you in hiring a suitable junk removal company.

Cost of rubbish removal

Naturally, coast will vary depending on the quality of the service. I know that quality and garbage sounds unusual as two words together, but we will cover this part as well later in the article.

Cost is based on a fluid formula consisting of 3-4 properties of the junk that needs to be hauled away. They are, weigh, volume, and type of garbage. The 4th element is the labour involved in loading the items from your property to the truck. In order to simplify matters, companies advertise their cost of services, based on volume. They pay dumping fees at the city landfill based on weight, but the relationship between volume and weight is predictable, so they choose to make it easier for their clients, and hence base the price on volume.

For example an average ½ load would carry a charge of $200-$250. This assumes that you as a client, have some furniture, electronics, a clothes, a little bit of heavy construction material, and other household items. If you happen to have mostly heavy construction waste, such as tiles, then they will have to charge you a bit extra for the additional weight.

There is also the extra cost of labour, if it applies to your case. Going back to the ½ load, you will get about 30 min of free labour. Any additional labour over that time, will cost you anywhere between $40/h and $60/h.

Which is the best junk removal company in Vancouver?

The hauling industry has a bad reputation and this is so for a good reason. There are many companies that have created a very unpleasant experience for clients. However, I will provide you with some points on how to spot the bad players in the industry.

Little rubbish removal companies

There are some that will offer you a great service if you have a small load. However, most are problematic on many levels. The main issue is that most of these “companies” are actually nothing more than a guy with a broken pickup truck. He is looking to make some money on the side, during the weekends, and there is nothing wrong with that, but most don’t take this activity seriously. This is why most of the emergency calls that I get, are from clients who have been stood up by such companies. Work on the weekend looks great, until one of their friends calls them for a bbq or camping trip. Then they just abandon you, and your day is ruined. That wouldn’t be such a big deal, but often these calls are urgent, because the client has to be out of a property by the end of the day, and they still have a pile of junk sitting in the driveway. If you are one of those cases, you will end up begging other companies to come to pick it up, and it is hard to do a last minute deals.

The 1800 JUNK guys

These companies will provide you with a great service, but mind that they will also make your wallet lighter. They can be almost twice as expensive as the average cost of other companies.

So, how can you tell which companies to avoid? It is so easy to get a good looking website and to populate it with all sorts of low prices and big promises. The best way to tell who you are dealing with, is to give them a call. Talk to them and try to get a feeling on how are they treating you. If you sense any level of dishonesty, it is better to move on. Ask about extra fees associated with heavier items, or special items. Dishonest companies will try to paint you a perfect picture by telling you that there are no such circumstances. They will tell you only what you want to hear. Avoid these tricks as well.

I hope that this has added some tools to your arsenal, and you are now ready to find the right junk disposal company for your needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions on the hauling industry in Vancouver.