Renting junk removal bins in Vancouver

This article will shed some light on the renting bins for disposing of unwanted household rubbish, or renovation material. The post will try to clarify the difference between renting a disposal bin and hiring a junk removal company.

Renting a bin or getting a junk removal company?

The services have some similarities but for most people, the differences will be more important. It really depends on what you need to dispose of. Bins can be cheaper for getting rid of junk, but they have some important limitations, which we will explore.

Renting a bin in Vancouver

The first limitation is that you will need a permit from the city to park in on the street. The work will not be done by the bin company. The client has to fill up the bin by themselves. If you don’t mind manual labour, then this is not a concern for you.

The following items cannot be placed in the bin:

  • Electronics
  • Large Appliances
  • Tires
  • Chemicals
  • Green waste
  • Cardboard
  • Mattresses
  • Box spring
  • Metal
  • Any recycling materials

So, as you can see, unless you only have garbage, this would not work for you. However, bins are a perfect solution for you if you are doing a renovation and you have only one type of material that you need to dispose of. 

The benefits of renting a bin is that it is cheaper.

Hiring a junk removal company

Hauling companies are more expensive but their services are very flexible. A pickup date and hour is set up and they will load everything for you. Since they provide their own labour, for most clients this is a big plus. They are also able to sort the items and for this reason, they can take different kind of rubbish, instead of being limited on only one. Bin companies cannot mix different garbage because at the city landfill, they are not allowed to dump everything in one pile. If they do, they will get a stiff fine, and then you will get a surprised charge on your credit card.

On the other hand the rubbish removal companies are able to drop off at the dump only what it is allowed and drive to the other location where each type of junk is allowed. Bin companies only have a driver who picks up the bin and he is not going to be diving into the bin to sort things out.

This is the main difference that makes all the difference for most clients. Examine your project and based on the information that we have provided you with, you will be able to see which service if better fit for your circumstances.