Getting ripped off by a junk removal company?

I have been running my junk removal business in Vancouver for over 6 years, and just when I think I’ve seen everything, I hear a new horror story by a new client. Why is this industry so rich on rip off junk removal services? I will try to answer this question to the best of my abilities.

Cheap junk removal

I believe this is the number one reason, and for that reason, I will start with it. When I started my hauling business, my service fees were much lower, than what they are today. I purchased a truck, and came up with rates that reflected the expenses I could see. However, after a while, some unforeseen expenses started to pile up. I had the choice to increase my rates, or simply go out of business. So, I came back with more realistic charges for my services.

Well, there is another road, that companies, who are known for ripping off their clients, can take. It is very simple strategy. A rubbish removal company would keep its low rates, and this allows it to be very desirable service. Lots of people would pick them from the jungle of google results. The company in question, will quote a low price to a client, and then carry out what they have promised. After everything is loaded, they tell the client, that there was some sort of a special item in the junk, and that pretty much doubles the cost of disposing it. As soon as the client protests, the company will try to suggest that there is some legal obligation the client has to paying for the work done so far. In most cases, the customer would pay, because they are not willing to argue, and repeat the whole process with another junk removal company.

This is how these companies rip off people in Vancouver. I have to admit, that on few occasions, I saw tempted to do the same, because I kept seeing people visiting my website, but rarely calling. I knew that they were comparing prices, and naturally, my rates would be much higher, than the rates offered by companies that rip off customers. I new, that if I built a solid relationship with my regular customers, I would win this battle, so I stuck to my ways.

This is not to say, that there were not times, when I underestimated the cost of junk removal for a client. However, once I discover that there are items, who require extra effort in disposing of, I always told my client in advance. I gave them the option to refuse the service completely, without any cost. I even suggested alternative ways to get rid of the special item.

My believe, that these rip off tactics are short lived. Eventually, people will figure out, that you get what you pay for, and they will research a company well, before they hire it. The issue is that some of these companies have professional websites and their customer representatives have good manners on the phone.

I am hoping that this article will prepare you to deal better with some of those problematic junk removal vendors in Vancouver.