Cheap vs expensive junk removal services in Vancouver

Junk removal companies in Vancouver

You have probably searched for this services, and have found plenty of junk removal companies that are willing to take care of your unwanted items. However, you have most likely noticed that the prices of such services are all over the place.  For the most part, these vendors seem the same. Then why the different rates? I am going to shine some light on some very important differences, which will allow you to decide which price range is appropriate for you.

The big 1-800 JUNK companies

You have probably seen their trucks in Vancouver. There are few companies who have more than 5 trucks. The scale of these companies brings higher business expenses, and naturally their rates reflect on this unavoidable fact. The level of services is satisfactory, but it is not rare to hear clients complaining of astronomical cost. It should be added, that this tends to happen even for clients with a significant financial means. They feel cheated or taken for fools. It is not often that this happens, but I also wouldn’t qualify it as an extreme exception.

Small (part-time) operators

This kind of junk removal “guys” are of a special nature, and clients should be weary of such cheap deals. For the most part, most of these guys are the typical guy with a old pickup truck, who are looking for some extra cash int heir spare time. Their web presence is limited to craigslist, for there is very little marketing required on their part to post their services there. Their rates are significantly lower than the big companies, but their services are grossly unreliable and  most importantly, often unpleasant.

The story usually goes the following way. The clint gets lured by the significantly lower rates of a small operator. Often the operator doesn’t even show up, and the client looses half of the day he took of work, waiting around. However, some do show up, and the work is carried on. Many of these guys are dealing with challenges in life, that are expressed in moodiness which can take on many forms. However, none of these forms is pleasant for the client.

Then what happens often enough, is that the rate is increased after all the work is completed. This is accomplished by withholding some fees from the quoted rate prior to starting work. Laster that fee is added under the pretext that the fee is associated with an unforeseen challenge around the work done. If the client refuses to pay, then he is quickly to found out that he actually doesn’t have the upper hand in this dispute. The junk removal vendor can drop all the garbage on the driveway or any other place around the property that crates issues for the owner. Often, the client is simply intimidated by the earlier mentioned moods of the provider. So, he pays just so he doesn’t have to deal with it.

Now, I should mention that there are some exceptions to the little operators. Almost every guy who has a matured rubbish removal company, did start small. So right now there are probably few small operators that will provide you with an amazing service for a low rate. However, the more they are maturing in their business, the more they will have to increase their rates, as a response to the reality of running a sustainable business. Yes, I am saying that such low rates are not sustainable, and this is why I see so many of these guys getting out of the junk removal industry in Vancouver.

The implication of this last part is that you will never be able to develop a long-term relationship with a small company, unless you are willing to be paying higher rate every time you see them. From my personal experience, I can tell you that I have lost most of my original clients, because they just got too used to paying unrealistically low rates. As soon as I matched rates to reality of how expensive it is to run a hauling business, they never called me again. My speculation is that they try to repeat the process again, but most likely end up with the bad apples the I had elaborated on earlier in the article. Some did reconnect with me to tell me about their bad experiences, but I suspect most were too ashamed to look for me again. See, because of the average frequency with each my clients need my junk removal services, I can tell when some have “skipped their appointments” 😉 .

I trust that by now this article has been useful to most people reading it, in deciding which type of service they feel comfortable working with. Facts were presented just as they are so people can make their own decisions. I don’t judge when people for which type of service they would go for, because everyone is different. Some even enjoy the drama around hiring the wrong people.