How to dispose of old furniture in Vancouver?

This article will provide you with some useful information on the topic of how to get rid of furniture that you don’t need. We will examine the most popular options for approaching this task.

Hiring junk removal company in Vancouver

This is the easiest option. It cost money, but it will save you time and headache. Furniture removal services are one of the main task hauling companies provide to residents of Vancouver.

Furniture disposal cost

Each item costs, on average around $80-$90. For example the cost of couch removal is $90. Each additional item (for example you have a 2nd couch as well) is 50% cheaper.

What if you have more than 2-3 furniture items to dispose of? Under such circumstances, hauling companies have a different system for pricing their services. This system is giving you better cost per item.

Perhaps it would be better explained, if I am to use an example. Lets say that you have enough furniture for disposal, to fill in half of they truck that most junk disposal companies use. Usually, one of those trucks is 2-3 times bigger than most pickup trucks. Filling the big truck half-way would cost you around $250. It is easy to arrange 3-4 couches in that volume.

How to hire a good hauling service in Vancouver?

This is a bit tricky, because British Columbia has some really service providers in the Waste Management industry. However, there are few simple tricks that I will tell you about.

Read the google reviews some of those companies have. Some reviews will show you an alarming pattern, and obviously you don’t want be hiring these guys. They will try to lure you with cheap rates, but I assure you, the rates will double by the time they are done being rude to you, and you just want them out of your property.

Calling a company you consider to hire, is an excellent step to take. See how you feel while you are with them on the phone. A company that takes advantage of their clients could hire a professional customer service person, but most of the time they don’t bother. Nine out of ten times, they will actually be rude on the phone too. It is as if they are not trying to hide it.

High vs low disposal rates

Here is another interesting rule. Stay away from these extremes. Companies with low rates will provide you with a regretful experience, and most of the time, they don’t even show up for appointments. As for the one with the high rates, avoiding them is advisable for reason that we don’t really need to cover here. It just makes on economical sense.

What if you don’t want to spend any money on furniture removal? Well, one option is to donate it or to give it away on Craigslist. This option is free, but it will take you more time. One of the issue of choosing this option, is that most interested parties will have to find transportation. This can be an issue, and there will be plenty of calls back and forward, until you and they figure out a good time. Usually, they have to borrow a van or a truck from a friend, and there are always setbacks.

Now you have all the information you may need for getting rid of your unwanted furniture. If you have question, we can always be of service to you. Thank you.