Couch removal in Vancouver

couch removal companyOne of the reason you have found this article, is because you have an old couch, and you need to get rid of it. The city of Vancouver does not pick large items anymore, and you need to find more information on hiring a junk removal company. This page will provide you with all the necessary information on couch removal.

How much does couch removal cost?

The short answer is, between $70 and $150. Why such big range in price? There are few reasons for that. Junk removal companies consider this a small job and if they have to come just for one couch, they will quote you the upper limit. It is quite natural for a company to charge you $150 for hauling away your couch, if it is the only item they have to send 2 guys and a big truck to pick up.

How to save money on couch disposal?

Call in advance, so the company can put you in the next available day when they collect all the small items. Then you will be able to enjoy the lower disposal rate.

Keep it dry

Furniture gets heavy when rain gets to it. If you have to have the sofa outside for some time, before the pick up day, try to cover it up with something, so it doesn’t get heavy. Hauling companies pay disposal fees at the city landfill, and they are based on weight. Adding to the weight, will just cost you more money.

Keep the path to the couch, clean of obstacles. If the guys have to move furniture around, in order to get to your couch, they may have some extra fees waiting for you.

Selling or donating it

This option will save you the most money. However, mind that this option takes time and you may end up still calling the rubbish removal company. Selling it on Craigslist may work well for you. The issue with Craigslist is that people don’t usually have a transportation, and they end up canceling or rescheduling pick up until they find a reliable transportation. You may end up losing few nights waiting for these people to show up.

Donating the sofa also works, but not all places take it. It really depends on how full the charity location is. Also, because of bed bugs most places will not take that type of furniture. There is lots of calls and driving around for these last two options. You need to decide what is more important to you, money or time.

Dumping it illegally

Some people go for option, but they end in trouble. Taking a couch out of your building or house without anyone seeing you, is a hard thing to do. I get calls from building managers, all the time, to come and pick up illegally dumped furniture. In most cases, the building manager knows which tenant did it, and they are in the process of sending them a fine plus the junk removal bill.

My advice is to use the opportunity to get more things hauled away with the old couch. Bulk disposal is always more economical. Better calls us once each year, than get us to come to your place every few months. Long-term this will cost you more money.

I believe that the purpose of this article has been accomplished. People will be able to make an informed decision on how they want to get rid of their old furniture. If you have any questions, we are available on-line and by phone to answer any of your questions.