The future of junk removal business in Vancouver

Some of the junk in the garageWe are witnessing a new age, in which people, and industry leaders, are realizing that resources are finite in nature. However, while writing this, I have to admit, that I am not seeing any slowing down of people throwing away things, they never needed in the first place. Nonetheless, I will speculate that this will change gradually.

Less is more

One of the really underestimated driving force for this change, is the fact that most of us, in the west, enjoyed the age of plenty. This is not to suggest, that there aren’t people in Vancouver who had been dealing with poverty. My view is that, most people, for the past 20-30 years, became victims of marketing strategies, which made them purchase things that they never really needed. Through my business, I see so much waste, and my clients feel the same way. I always sense a hidden guilt. If it is an item that is well used, and it is failing its purpose, then sending it to the dump, does not make my clients feel that they are doing something wrong. However, when it is something that it has almost never been used, then the mood is different.

I believe, and I wish, that people will begin to understand, that having few useful items, will bring them so much more happiness, and for that matter, practicality. Not to mention that they will have so much more room in their houses. I have seen, what one of my visit does to my clients. We would clear up the garage, and they are amazed about all that space. Few months later, I am called again, to clear up the basement. I have to admit, that since I started my business, because of what I have seen, I have about 1/6th of the possessions I had before. I believe, most of my clients are heading this way. Some of them have even downsized to smaller houses or apartments. I can’t be certain, that I was the reason they downsized, but I am sure, they could have not done it, unless they called my junk removal company.

Recycling vs Junk removal in Vancouver

Some of you, who are reading this, might criticize me for not finding a home for the good items that my clients throw away. Connecting these items with new owners is not a streamlined process in Vancouver. My hauling company, did try to donate, or even sell items that were good, but it took too much of an effort and I started to lose money. I would drive from charity to charity, only to be find out that I am wasting gas and time, and few of the items peaked their interest. They are trying their best, but if they are full, they can’t take anything from me. On top of that, most places have a strict policy on bedbugs. So, they are careful about what they take. Just like my clients, I realized that it is cheaper for me to pay at the dump, than to find a new owner. I am sure, they have tried that too, and gave up. The culture is not there, and the government has not created the necessary conditions, for this to take place.

However, this will change, and most junk removal companies in Vancouver, will be recycling most of the items they pick up. This may seem like the end of my business, but I am not fearing this change, for I can evolve with my clients’ ways of life.