How to hire junk removal company in Vancouver

This page will assist you in hiring the most suitable junk removal service for your needs. We will cover some basic aspects of the hauling industry in British Columbia which will clarify your views on how prices are set and which company can do the job for you in the most economical way.

What to expect from this junk removal services?

The service is pretty simple to the consumer. If you have an old couch, backyard green waste, or renovation leftover material, you won’t be able to get the city of Vancouver to take help you with the disposal of it. In such cases where the volume is of large quantities, you will need to find a junk removal company in Vancouver to assist you in hauling it away.

Cost of rubbish removal services in Vancouver

For simplification, junk removal rates are based on volume. This method seems to work for clients the best and most companies are sticking to it. There are some new companies that are approaching the issue by charging clients based on the weight of the junk being hauled away to the dump. In fact charging per weight is more closer to the truth of how companies determine their service fees, but most clients have difficulties estimating how heavy their items are. It is much easier for the client to look at his pile of items and estimate the volume of it. It is true that at the end of the day, garbage companies pay dumping fees based on weight, but there are other variables that add to the final price.

For example, some items may be hard to load because they are too far from their truck or they are not bagged. In this case labour cost will add to the total price. There is also the case when items are of an extraordinary weight. Rates will increase as well.

This may seem as a complicated way for the client to budget cost, but a simple phone call can produce an accurate estimation. The company representative will ask you couple of simple questions and depending on the answers, you will get a price range that will allow you to budget your project.

Which company is the best?

There is no simple answer to this question, for it really depends on the kind of project that you have, which rubbish disposal company will be the best for you. There are 3 kinds of companies. Small, medium and large. The small ones are start ups and the large companies have been in the business for a long time.

Small companies tend to be cheaper but they are not very reliable. This is just a general rule, because there are some small operators who are working very hard to get out of the start up stage. Eventually they will become a successful large company. Later I will provide you with some tips on how to tell which small companies are reliable.

Why are not most small junk removal companies reliable?

You are taking some risks if you hire small service providers. For the most part they don’t treat their business as the main source of income and it is quite common for them to not even show up for a pick up. Many clients use their weekend or take days off work for their clean up project, and they end up wasting their time waiting at home in vain.

There is also the element of giving one cheap quotes and then bumping the price up 2-3 times. This works often because the client is not really willing to repeat the process of finding another company and then rescheduling. So, they choose to just pay the inflated rate and get over it. By that time their project is bringing too much trouble as it is and they just want it over. This is what this unfair practice is relying on.

So, how to find the good small disposal companies? The best way is to analyze your conversation on the phone when you are speaking of a junk removal customer service. I have noticed that a bad company has the tendency to also be rude with their clients from the very beginning. This probably cost them some missed business but as I said earlier, they don’t really take this business very seriously.

Large Hauling companies in Vancouver

The other end of the spectrum is the big guys. Most of them provide very good services but they also will cost you more money. Some will try to bump prices but they do it in a more professional way. However, the bottom line is that you should not let them take advantage of you like that. Make sure that you ask question and get detailed answers on extra fees and other scenarios when the estimation could be lower than what they will actually charge you. I should make it clear that it is not rare for the estimation to be lower than the final rate, but a good company will try its best to let you know what those circumstances are.

As a conclusion, I would suggest that for the most projects, a medium size company is the best solution. If you have a small project where all you need is a pickup truck, then try finding a good small company, but keep in mind the risks we covered. For larger projects, most medium size junk disposal companies will be sufficient. However, if for example you are emptying out a whole house because you are moving to a smaller place, then I would suggest to hire a large company.

Hope that this little article has provided you with useful tips and you will be able to make the right choices when hiring disposal companies.