Why hire a professional junk removal company in North Vancouver?

20140211_102949The answers to this question seem obvious, but I have noticed that some of my new clients, learn this the hard way. In this article, I would lay down the pros and cons of hiring a company with a questionable reputation, and at the same time, make the case for establishing relation with a company that cares to provide good services.

Small junk removal companies

Before I continue, I would like to clarify that this is not an attack on the small companies operating in North Vancouver. I remember, when I stared with a small pickup truck,and I was able to provide a good service to my clients. However, this is the type of companies you have to be most careful, for they tend to be problematic. The issue is, that lots of guys, after few beers, make a connection between having a pickup truck and starting a junk removal business. Remove the beers, and I was one of those guys. I had an idea, and I gave it a try. However, I soon realized that it is not as easy, as I anticipated. Therefore, I had to put more effort into it. Small companies, will have the tendency to be significantly cheaper, and while some will provide you with a good service, you need to watch out for the bad ones. How can you tell the difference? The best way is to observe the way they treat you over the phone.

Middle sized companies

These are the most desirable, in my opinion. They’ve had enough time to learn the business and to become efficient. You will get the best value, for the money you are willing to spent. However, watch out for dishonest practices. Hidden fees and last-minute charges is a common strategy. Ask the right questions, and if you feel that they are dancing around them, you will be wise to move onto another service.

1-800 JUNK type of companies

These companies will serve you well, but the price is significantly higher. Also, they can service you better, than the average sized companies, if you have so much garbage that there is a need for few truck loads to be taken away in a short period of time. Also, in the case of hoarding projects, the big guys can send a manager, who is better trained at handling such cases. He will supervise his guys, to make sure that they are sensitive to the situation.

Which one to hire?

This really depends on what you value the most? If you have lots of time on your hands, and don’t mind hiring unreliable services, you may want to hire a small company. I would say, that probably you will get a solid guy, but at the same time, be ready for surprises. Also, don’t forget that you are letting strangers in your house. Some of my new clients have told me some very disturbing stories about some of those Craigslist guys.

If you don’t mind spending money and want the best service, call the 1-800 JUNK type of company. You will not regret it. Naturally, the middle ground is between the two extremes I just mentioned.

Some other points

It is important to understand that you will need this service few times every year. I know that many of you, who are reading this, have probably never needed this service. However, I assure you that, once you feel the freedom of de-cluttering your home, you will be hooked on it, and will continue on finding new things to throw away. At that point, you will understand the value of having a solid company that takes care of you. Establishing relationship with it, will allow you to call them and not wonder, what unpleasant surprise is coming your way.

This is not to say that you won’t be able to establish the same relationship with some guy with a pickup truck. You can, but the issue with these guys is, that they are not good businessman. They underestimate the cost of business, and this is the only reason, they have lower service fees. It is rare to survive as a business for more than one year, if the service rates are so low. Eventually, they increase their prices, or they go out of business. The latter is the most common scenario.

I hope that this has clarified the pros and cons of hiring a professional junk removal company for North Vancouver. Feel free to send me any questions on relation to this topic.