How to hire a professional junk removal company in Vancouver?

20141114_130828The choice of hauling companies in Vancouver is vast, but the experience of clients seems to be leaning towards a disappointment. Why is that most people living in British Columbia, are having an easy feeling, when in need for this type of service? This article will examine the issues of working with rubbish removal companies, and it will provide a solution to the chief problem.

The problem begins as soon as the client decides that the lowest price is the main criteria by which services should be ranked. The old saying “too good to be true”, is another way to express this problem. If you are looking for anything resembling a real junk removal service, stay away from companies that are pushing their lowest rates too much.

In a matured industry, such as the waste management, there is no such miracles, as being able to avoid certain expenses associated with hauling garbage. Whoever, tells you that they have some magic bullet, which allows them to charge 40% less, than their competition, is simply taking you for a ride. By the time they leave your house, you will be paying double, due to some “unforeseen” circumstances.

So, if disposal rates is not the way to rate garbage companies, how does one approach this task?

The best way is to begin calling few companies, and listen to the story they are trying to sell you. Every company and a product has a story behind it. This is not always a bad thing, for we like to buy things that have a good story. However, nowadays, most vendors in the junk removal industry, sells a good story, backed by a bad product.

So, listen carefully to your emotions and reason, and see if things makes sense, when interacting with the different waste management companies. If you feel that they are avoiding certain concerns that you may have, then you should look deeper into those concerns, instead of just settling on the good story they are selling you.

What are some of the concerns you should have, if you don’t already have them? Here are some points that cover most of the topics, that should be addressed by whoever you are interacting over the phone from any given junk disposal company:

  • Extra labour fees
  • Additional disposal fees due to excessive weight or type of rubbish
  • Additional cost due to special hazardous materials
  • Are all fees included in the advertised rate?

These topics represent real conditions that ALL junk removal companies have to deal with. For a company to claim that all these eventualities can be solidified into a final price, is simply not possible, and only done so the client does not have a realistic idea of how high the total cost could end up being.

For this very same reason, the whole talk of lowest rates, is an illusion, that is almost always broken, by the time the job is done. Instead, what the client should focus on is, a honesty on the part of the company, to provide the client with an intelligible system by which the price will fluctuate, under certain circumstances.

The other issue that we need to cover, is found in companies like the 1-800-GOT-JUNK companies. Now, they are not the only company contributing to this problem, but we will use them as an example, since almost everyone knows them. The service that they will provide you with, will be hard to match by most other junk removal companies in Vancouver.

They are highly professional in every respect, except when they are calculating how much you should be charged for the disposal service they are providing for you. The ongoing rate for a full load, is around $500. As we discussed the matter earlier, fluctuations are a natural thing. However, with companies like 1-800-GOT-JUNK, this fluctuation can take on extreme direction. It could double, or even triple, due to certain circumstances, that always confuse the customer.

The idea here is not to avoid this company completely, but to help the consumer understand, that he or she should do their homework, and make sure that these vast price fluctuations do not take place, due to ambiguous agreements. Ask the right questions, and demand a clear understanding of how rates can fluctuate.