Hiring junk removal company in Burnaby

burnaby junk removalBurnaby is a growing city, and the disposal of rubbish has been a challenge for the city management. One of the solutions came in the form of a private industry. The private rubbish removal services in Burnaby have replaced some of the function the city of Burnaby has neglected. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know, in regards to those services, so when the time comes for you to use them, you would be prepared.

Junk removal services

What exactly do these companies do for people living in Burnaby? Long time ago, the city would pick up pretty much anything that was thrown out in the garbage bin. Those times are gone now, but private companies have picked up this aspect of garbage collection. In short, these services will come to your house, and pick up pretty much anything that you don’t need anymore.

Cost of junk removal services in Burnaby

Not the most important question, but I understand why this one might be the first question you might have. Cost is, for the most part, a price derived from simple combination of volume, weight, and type of garbage. Labour plays a role too, but we will examine this later.

Volume and weight of rubbish

A good medium for a normal size and weight of garbage is furniture. For example, if a company charges $200 for ½ of a truck load, this is based on the average size and weight of the amount of furniture, that can be fit into a ½ truck. Most trucks are around 10 cubic yards. Why is this? Junk removal companies in Burnaby have to pay disposal fees at the city dump, and they need to be able to estimate that cost. If you have ½ load of heavy material, naturally they will have to charge you more, since the dumping fees imposed on them at the landfill, will be much higher. However, from my personal experience, most clients so far, were into the average wight and volume.

Additional recycling fees

Some types of junk, cannot be disposed of as garbage, and they carry additional recycling fees. This is the case with mattresses, boxsprings, and drywall. In the case of half a load, if you have 2 more mattresses, then the total charge will be around $200 + $20-$30/mattress. A half of load of drywall, on the other hand, would be between $250-$300.

Labour cost of junk removal

This cost is included for free, for the first hour for a full load. It doesn’t happen often, but there are times, when a client has his items, in a very difficult and labour intensive location on the property. Basements are the usual locations, that are difficult to work with. Since, hauling companies are paying their workers per hour, it takes away from their profit, if a job takes 3-4 hours, instead of 1 hour.

Single items (couch, mattress, freezer..)

This is the most simple service. Prices are easy to understand, since most items have their service rates listed on the company’s website. They usually range from $70 to $100. How do you know, if you should go by volume or by single item pricing? The boundary is not very well defined, but anything over 2-3 single items, will give you a better deal if they are priced as a volume.

Scheduling an appointment

Most companies will require few days advanced notice. With single items, it might be even longer, for they have to have enough of the single-items pick ups, for them to make sense to send a large truck.

I believe that by reading this article, you are not ready to hire a junk removal company, when the times come for you to get rid of unwanted items. Naturally, we are available to answer any questions you may have.