How much does junk removal cost?

How much does junk removal cost?

This is the most frequent question my clients ask me. I don’t blame them since I know that the junk removal services are a bit confusing for someone who has never dealt with a rubbish disposal company in Vancouver. Depending on what you need hauled away, the answer will be different. This little guide will assist you in getting some idea of what the cost of junk removal is in Vancouver.

burnaby junk removalThere are two types of hauling jobs depending on how much garbage you need taken away. Few items are considered to be a small pick up. These have rates based on each item. For example if you have a couch this would be considered a single item pick up. Expect a disposal rate anywhere from $70 to $150 depending on what the item is. Some items have extra charges due to the nature of the furniture or simply because they are very heavy. The extra charges have to be paid at the city landfill so the junk hauling companies are just passing that expense to the client. There is no way around that.

The bigger jobs involve lots of items. The price you pay per item then drops significantly. This is when the junk removal cost is the cheapest for the amount of trash hauled away. Driving to the client’s property, picking up the rubbish and taking it to the dump takes some time and there are labour and fuel costs involved. The company which picks up the rubbish doesn’t really save any money when they pick up only one item from a client. Therefore, they can’t charge too little when the client has only one couch for example.

Large pick up jobs are priced based on volume. Most vendors will charge for a full load anywhere between $350 and $700, depending on how heavy the rubbish is. There are some exceptions where there are extra fees associated with the type of rubbish hauled away.

What if you want to do your own junk removal by renting a truck. Many people get tricked into thinking that they will save lots of money if they take their waste to the dump. One of the most underestimated expense is the rental truck. The rental rate is actually 3-4 times more expensive than advertised after you add the insurance and the gas. Also the client needs to know all the different regulations the city of Vancouver has regarding some garbage.  Often people keep on driving from place to place and half of their day is lost trying to figure out where to take some banned materials. Leave it to a professional disposal company to do the job right.

Some clients have their own trucks and they can do the hauling themselves. Most likely they will save money but they still need to learn the regulations and take few hours of their day to do the work. However, haring a company, make sure you do the a good research on prices and quality. There are many good waste disposal companies operating in Vancouver but there are also some really bad ones. When talking on the phone with their representatives, you will get a good idea if they deserve your money based on how they are treating you. If they are rude with you on the phone, you won’t get much of a different treatment on the day they come to pick up your trash.