Junk removal prices in Vancouver

I have been running a junk removal business for over 6 years, and one of the most popular questions my clients have, is “How much does it cost?”. This is not to say that my clients find this to be the most important part of the service, but they seem to want to put aside a particular worry in regards to the cost of service. This is because, most of them have no idea, what the cost will be. Is it $20 or $200 to get rid of a little bit of rubbish?

This wild range shows me that there isn’t much reliable information on the internet on the cost of junk removal, so I decided to write this article. I also suspect that some of my new would be clients, have done some prior research and the rates they were quoted were all over the place, and this worried them a bit. The too low of a price is puts them in the “too good to be true” situation and the too high, well , it is just too high.

Cost of removing single items

This is the simplest of all, since most items have a range from $80 – $120. For example, the cost of couch removal is around $80. So is for a mattress disposal. Most furniture will carry similar cost per item. Each additional item will cost you half the price of the 1st item. Under this pricing system, 2 couches will cost you around $120, vs 1 costing you $80.

Junk removal fees for larger volumes

This scenario is a bit more complicated in pricing, but by the time you are done reading this article you will be able to comprehend it, without any challenge. Lets first examine how junk removal companies decide how much to charge for garbage. When they take something to the city landfill, they have to pay disposal fees, which are based on weight, for the most part. However, if their telly you as a client, that for example, the cost of junk removal is $200 per ton, this doesn’t really help you picture, what a tone looks like. For that reason, they have found an average relationship between weight and volume, and have assigned a price per volume.

It is easier for clients to picture what 1 cubic yard looks like, so rates are ranging around $50 per cubic yard. Most trucks used in this industry are around 10 cubic yard, so a full load will be priced at $450-$500.

Now, it is worth mentioning that the relationship between weight and volume is a bit more complicated. Actually, it is more of a relationship between volume, weight,labour, and type of garbage. However, you as a client don’t need to worry about this, since most of the garbage falls within the golden average,and the cost is still very close to $50/cubic yard. In some rare cases, a client will have rubbish, which is much heavier than most household garbage. For example a cubic yard of tiles will be much heavier than the same volume of furniture. Since the rubbish removal company pays at the dump, fees based on weight, they cost will significantly increase. In such cases, they have to charge extra. The same rule applies to items that are far from the curb of the property, and will take too long to haul to the truck. However, most professional junk removal companies in Vancouver will let you know in advance, if they see circumstances of this sort. This is why they would ask you questions over the phone, to make sure that there aren’t any circumstances, which will require them to charge you extra fees.

I hope that this information will allow you now to put to rest your worry about rates, and focus more on quality of service.