Junk Removal Services for Vancouver


You have some old junk that you need to dispose of, but after an extensive shopping around for disposal services, you still have no idea how to solve your problem. This article will offer you all the information you need for hiring a good rubbish removal company in Vancouver.


20150916_084355How to find a good disposal company in Vancouver?

Not all services are equal and let me tell you something from the very beginning. If you are making your choice based on junk removal fees, you will end up having a bad day. This is because most rubbish removal companies play little tricks with terms, that are intended to make the cost of their services appear less than they are.

Every pile of junk is different, and general rules of how prices are determined, may not apply. Let me provide you with a very simple example. Some companies will state that they are charging $180 per 1/3 of a load. Their trucks can hold as much as 3 pickup trucks, so this amount of junk can fill about 1 pickup truck. However, this is just a general rule that applies to the usual household garbage and furniture. If you happen to have the same amount of junk but made up of heavy construction material, you can’t really expect them to price their service the same way. They pay dumping fees to the city, that are based on the weight of the load they carry. So, now you can see how 1/3 of a load filled with heavy lumber will cost you way more than $180.

There are few other peculiarities to the nature of this services, that will confuse the client if he takes general services rates as the only information he needs.

Some might say that since all companies have to deal with peculiarities, then it doesn’t really matter. They all will be having the same general prices. So, comparing them is still a good way to go in determining who should get the job. Well, it is not so simple. Read on, and you will find out why.

Plenty of rubbish removal provides in Vancouver, will actually keep the client in the dark, until after all the work is done. Then they will break the news. One way to get away with this is to tell the client that the “special” junk was discovered at the bottom of the pile. Since the labour is already done, the client is made to think that he is leggally responsible to pay for the services. By now you have quessed that these are the kind of business operators who do not care to build a client base. They are just here for a quck profit and move onto another business opportunity.

So, how to avoid the bad companies?

The best way to do so, is to simply follow you gut feeling and ask questions in regards to extra fees. If your questions have not been answered clearly, or you have been told that there is no such thing as an extra fees, you need to move onto the next company.

Websites can be very flashy and all sorts of good-sounding statements can be made. However, speak to someone personally, and you will have a better chance of determening if you are dealing with an honest and professional junk disposal company. Trust me, there are some good ones in Vancouver.

How to book an appointment for junk services?

Lets assume that you have found a hauling company that you want to hire. What do you do next? First give them a call. They will have some questions regarding the amount and type of garbage that you have. It won’t take more than 1-2 min for them to determine that information and book an appointment.

What happens on the day of the pick up?

You need to be at home in the 2-hour window that you will be given. You can ask the guys to give you a call when they are close by. They will arrive, and take a look at what you have. If it matches with what information you have been given them, then the service fees will stay the same. If however, they find some items that will cost them more money to dispose of, or unreasonably long time to load onto their truck, then they will have to adjust the price for you. This is unavoidable with hauling garbage, for reasons that we already covered. The point is that such changes are in the open and the client is aware of any changes in junk removal cost.

At this point, I am confident that you are ready to make the right choice in hiring a good junk disposal company. Good luck, and if you have any questions, do no hesitate do ask.