Kerrisdale junk removal services

This short article will teach you what are the steps you need to take, in order for you to hire a junk removal company in Vancouver. The guide will cover some of the important aspects of the hauling industry that most clients from Kerrisdale are not familiar with. These details usually dictate the difference between a happy and unhappy customer.

What is junk removal service about? As you already know, the city of Vancouver will not pick up any large items as part of their garbage services. Also, if you have large amounts of garbage, this puts you in the same situation. You are pretty much on your own, and this is what fostered the private garbage removal industry in British Columbia.

The service revolves around the idea of you hiring guys with a big truck to haul away your unwanted items to the city landfill. Depending on how much you are willing to pay, you can have them get all your junk out of your house and load it onto their truck, or you can do some of the work by taking it to the curb yourself. Taking it to the curb is not the only place on your property where you can pile it up, if you want to avoid extra labour fees. If the spot is easy to access and within a 10-20 feet from where a large truck can be parked, then this is treated as if it is on the curb. There are other way to save money, but we will go over them later in the article.

What is the cost of rubbish removal services in Kerrisdale?

Rates are simple in nature if you have few items, because each item has its own rate. For example most furniture item have a cost of removal around $90. Adding a 2nd or 3rd item, will cost you about half the price of the first item. For example if you have 2 couches, the total cost will be close to $140, instead of 2 x $90.

If you happen to have more, then you will enjoy a better rate, which is predicated on a system based on how much volume your rubbish takes. The ongoing rate in Vancouver has been ranging between $45 and $50 per cubic yard. For some people, picturing how much volume is in 1 cubic yard, keep this in mind. The pickup trucks that you have seen, can hold about 3 cubic yards.

Most rubbish removal companies operating in Vancouver work with trucks which can carry about 10 cubic yards. Hence, a full load of one of those trucks will cost you close to $500. Now, while this seems like a high price, keep in mind that a full load is a major clean up of your place. This is what usually clients have after accumulating it for years. For an average customer, half a load is more than sufficient to make your basement or garage go back to its original purpose.

How to choose a good disposal company?

Websites can be misleading so my advice to you is to avoid making your final decision based on such flashy representations. Speak to each company personally, and try to get an idea of who you are dealing it. Usually, if they are not professional, you will be able to tell by the way they treat you on the phone.

Try to stay away from the two extremes in relation to rates. The really cheap services will end up wasting your day, or costing you more than what has been advertised. These guys are notorious for being late, not showing up, or doubling their rates after they have loaded everything on the truck. If you refuse to pay, then they tell you that they are not leaving until they get paid, since they have done all the labour, or that they will dump it all at a spot where you can’t get your car out. You get the blackmailing aspect of their strategy.

As for the high-end rates, the companies are a good provider, but they are really overpriced. They also have their own little bag of tricks that they use, in order to get more money from you, than what they have quoted you originally. It is just that it is done in a more civilized way, but the bottom line is the same.

How to schedule an appointment in Kerrisdale?

It is a good idea to give the company few days, before you expect them to be able to pay you a visit. If you need something done urgently, then you have to be prepared to pay more, since they will be sending a big truck in your part of Vancouver, just for you pick up. Naturally, this will cost more.

How to save money on junk removal?

As we already mentioned earlier, try to get your junk close to the curb, driveway, or garage. The other way to save money is by keeping things dry. Hauling companies pay disposal fees at the city landfill based on weight. The heavier your items are, the more you will have to pay. However, this only applies if your garbage is above average in weight. What is a normal weight? Think of most household furniture as a normal weight. Most construction material will be much heavier, so it will be costing more when hauled to the dump. If your furniture get wet, then it can be as heavy as a construction material. Therefore, cover it with something if it rains.

With this we are coming to an end with our little guide on the junk removal services in Kerrisdale, Vancouver. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. We have answers for you!