Getting rid of an old couch in Vancouver

It is time to get rid of you old sofa, but you have no idea how to dispose of it. Do you throw it down in the bin and risk getting fined, or do you call a junk removal company and solve you problem the right way? On this page you will find few solutions that you can choose from.

Hiring a couch disposal service in Vancouver

20151118_112738This option will cost you some money but you will avoid plenty of headache. Every company charges different rates, and while you want to safe some money, be careful on the really cheap services. They are not very reliable and most of them will actually misrepresent the final cost. Such rates can range between $80 and $140, depending on the company and where on the property you have your couch. Some companies make themselves appear as having the lowest rates, but this is only possible because they are not including the additional fees. So, mind that fact if you are aiming for the lowest couch disposal rate.

Donating you sofa in British Columbia

There are plenty of places that will take your furniture in theory. I say in theory, because they all have different policies on what they accept, and how much they can accept. I am mostly talking about charities. For example none of them will take mattresses due to fear of bedbugs. Also, make sure you check in advance if they have room for your couch.

I should also mention that when I am suggesting the donating option, I am assuming that you have a couch that is in a very good condition. If this is the case, and you have your own transportation, this option becomes realistic for you.

Selling your couch

Now, this is obviously a couch that is in a very good condition. Most people would try to sell it on Craigslist. This site has so much business and its value to the community is hard to measure, but I will tell you that it does bring lots of it. However, give yourself some time before you need this couch gone for good. Craigslist has the tendency for some items to take forever to sell. It is not that your furniture is not valuable. The issue is that people need to find a way to transport it. What happens usually is, a string of pick up dates and cancellations, because the new owners are looking for a cheap way to transport it, so they are usually relying on source that is not very solid.

Now that you know the three main options of how to dispose of a couch in Vancouver, you will be able to pick the best one for you. Good luck!