Waste disposal in North Vancouver, BC

Part of owning a property in North Vancouver is to maintain it clean and free of rubbish. If you live on the North Shore at some point you need to hire a waste disposal company. Being your first time it is natural to have many questions regarding the junk removal services offered in North Vancouver. In this article I will try to provide you with useful information regarding the garbage disposal services and junk disposal companies operating in British Columbia.

One of the first things my clients like to know is how much does it cost to do junk removal? It is understandable why this question is the first to put forward. Disposal rates are based on more than one variables and conditions. For example not all rubbish is the same. Some is heavier than other. Certain items are not even treated as trash and need to be recycled. The city of North Vancouver has extra charges associated with certain type of waste. For example a mattress has an additional recycling fee and drywall disposal fees can be as much as twice more expensive to get rid of. junkremovaltruck3

There are two types waste disposal jobs. The small loads consist of few items and those are usually priced per item. These type of small services are more expensive than most people anticipate. The reason behind this stems from the fact that regardless of size of load, some expenses for the company remain essentially the same. The time it takes for the team to pick up your waste and then dispose of it at the North Shore Transfer Stations, is usually around 2 to 3 hours. The size of the size of the load does not change this time. Same for the fuel cost. Money are only saved on the dumping fees and some labour which involves loading the garbage. The better deals come from the bigger loads. They are more expensive overall, but per item price gets much better. Once you pass the couple of items, you will be charged based on volume.

The weight of your rubbish can also influence the total service fees. For example old heavy flat wood can be much heavier than light bulky furniture. Therefore, expect a price range between $350 and $700 for full load of 10-12 cubic yards truck. From my own experience, I can say that close to 90% of the jobs were in the $400 range.  I only had few cases will full loads of drywall which was charged at $600.


The location of your waste also matters. Pretty much all waste disposal companies operating in North Vancouver list their curbside rates. You will get the best deal if you have your items on the curb, driveway , garage or back alley. Some clients cannot take their rubbish outside their property so the team has to take it out for them. Which is understandable but in some cases the trash is in the basement and they can be there for half a day in some cases. Paying 2-3 guys hourly rate can add up. Therefore, try to get your friends of a general labour to do it for you. It will be much more expensive to get the waste removal guys to do general labour for you. Their specialty is more in the quick loading of rubbish  and then hauling it to the dump.

Something should be said also about the quality of waste disposal service. Not all vendors are the same. However, the easiest way to make that choice is to observe how you are treated on the phone. Are they rude to you?  Are they dancing around their pricing and giving you unclear answers? If you feel disrespected, find another company. You should find the best price for the best service. Focusing only the rates will fire back at you. You might even end up paying more. Some players in this industry would post cheap prices which do not include the dumping fees and labour cost. As a bonus they will tell you this only after they have loaded the truck. To avoid this make sure you ask the right questions and get clear answers. It is not unusual estimations to go beyond a budget but the company representative should tell you this as they are loading the rubbish. Often, things that carry extra charges are hidden under a pile of regular waste. The workers there should tell you about it as soon as they see it.

Hope this little info clarifies some aspects of the waste disposal services. Enjoy my blog.