Comparing prices for junk removal services

When one looks at all the different junk removal companies, operating in Vancouver, one will find out very quickly, that making the right choice can be tricky. The initial idea, the average person would have, is that it is simply about comparing junk removal prices. However, this is not the case, and in this article, we will try to explain this service, into little bit more details.

Junk removal rates

The old “you get what you pay for”, actually holds for hauling services. Let us lay a simple rule here. If you go to cheap, it will cost you in other ways, and if you go for the big companies, who charge an arm and a leg, it is an overkill. The goal for the client is to find the middle ground. Here are the two strategies, each category of business uses.

The big 1-800 junk companies

As, is was stated earlier, they will charge you way more than what they should. Their service is great, but you can get the same service from the right middle sized junk removal companies. Even if you don’t mind spending money, you may not like some of the little tricks, the big guys use when coming up with extra charges. Twenty dollars, her and and fifty dollars there, may not be a big deal to some of you, but I am sure, that most of you will be rubbed the wrong way, when you find out the intent behind it. I will be a little bit brutish, and just say it as I see it. They find a polite way to tell you that you are an idiot. For, don’t get any illusions. When they get back in their truck, they actually brag how stupid you were, to go for the “oh, we charge extra for a fridge, because we have to remove the gas from it…”, when in fact there is no such thing as having to remove the gas from a fridge. Also, they get a bonus, for being able to turn you into an idiot, the polite way.

Small and cheap junk removal companies

20131212_110147These guys will use a different survival strategy. Low service fees is their main tool. This is how they lure you into hiring them. They let you hear, what you want to hear. One of the issues with the really small companies, is that it is usually a guy with a pick up truck or a van. This is his, beer money for the weekend, and often, he does not take this business seriously. It is not uncommon, for someone to let you wait at home the whole day, for him to maybe show up. Then, there is the problem of theft. Would you let anyone walk into your home, and case what is inside? Few people, who love Craigslist for its low prices, don’t realize how many things on this free website, are not what they seem to be.

The other issue, with small junk removal services is , that they can’t really make any money from such low rates. So, the strategy is as follows. For example, the guy will quote you a $100 service fee. Then once he arrives and loads everything on his truck, he will explain to you, that the $100, did not include the disposal and labour cost. At this point, you are wondering, what the hell is the $100 covering, anyways? The next thing, you are wondering about is, if it is worth your time to send this guy home, and take another day off from work so you can try your luck with another junk removal company. This is the game really. He can even threaten you with a lean on your house, or to simply dump it all back on the driveway, so you can’t even use you car. Or for that matter, on the curb side, so the city can fine you.

Comparing junk removal rates

Now, that you know what to watch out for, lets get into the concrete steps you can take, so you avoid these unpleasant situations. Look at each company rates and call , one after the other. Ask, if those prices are final, and if they include everything. That is, disposal rate, labour and other taxes and so on. It is perfectly normal for quotes to go over a little bit, but not by much. When you are dealing with a good company, if you are honest, about the size, weight, and distance from the junk to the curb, then they will be able to give you a quote, that should not vary by much. If you don’t tell them, that your junk is in a difficult to access basement, then later they will have to charge you more on the labour side. If you want to avoid conflicts, be honest with them, and make it clear to them, that you are expecting the same too.

On this note, we will complete this little guide to how to hire a good junk removal service in Vancouver. We are always, glad to answer any questions you may have in regards to the hauling business.