How to get rid of a couch in Kitsilano?

disposal of couchSo, it is time to get rid of your old couch, and you are little lost on what is the best way to approach this little challenge. This article will lay down some of the options, that you could take. There isn’t a best option, for all people. The best option is based on circumstances, that will be covered in this little guide.

Couch removal services

This is the easiest option, but also the one that will cost you some money. A junk removal company operating in Vancouver, will be best fit for the task. They come with a big truck and hauled it way to the dump for you. If your couch is in a good condition, they might be able to find a new home for it.

Cost of couch removal

The couch has to be disposed of at the city landfill, and the company that will haul it away for you, will be charged at the scale. Add the labour and fuel cost, and naturally, they have to charge you something for it. The rate is usually anywhere between $80 and $90. There are few circumstances, that might increase the charge. For example if your sofa has been sitting on the rain for some time, it will get heavy, and this will cost you extra $10-$20. There is also the case of extra labour cost. It takes us, no more than 10 min to get a couch out of a property. It is rare, but some times, clients have their couch are a very difficult to reach place of the house. We have to move around furniture, and we may be there for 30 min. In such cases, there will be some extra charges in the range of $20-$30.

How to save money on couch removal?

Here are some tips, that will help you avoid extra fees, and even save on junk removal cost:

  • Get the couch outside your property. Ask a friend, or a neighbor to help you.

  • Keep in dry. Cover it with something, if it will be left outside overnight.

  • Get more items that you don’t need. This way you will get a better deal per item.

Selling it

Almost every client thinks of this option first, but few have success with it. However, it is an interesting experience, and we advice you to try it. This option takes some time, so if you have only few days, to get rid of your sofa, you may not be able to sell it.

Donating it

This option is the most noble, but you need to call around. Most charities are afraid of bed bugs, and they wll not take any furniture. Posting it on Cragislist, also is an option, but keep in mind, that it is very time consuming. There will be lots of interest, but few will show up, because transportation is a challenge to most people.

Taking it to the dump, yourself

This is a good option too. You will probably save around $50. If you have a van or a truck, you can do it. It takes about and hour to hour and a half. Watch out for nails at these places. I am at the tire place, almost on weekly basis. If you don’t have your own transportation, renting one will not be economical for you. Total cost of renting a van or a truck, is not as low as these rental companies, would have to believe. The total cost is always around $70.

While we are on the topic of alternative disposal methods, we should talk about some of the illegal methods that we have all seen. We are not sure, what people are thinking when they visit the Kitsilano Beach Park , late at night, only so they can dump their old couch there. This is wrong , and the fines are steep. If you see someone doing this, naturally you should report them to the police. Once in a while, we get hired by a building manager to pick up a couch at the back of the building. Most of the time, the residents who have dumped it there, are on film on some of the surveillance cameras, and they will be fined $200 plus the cost of junk removal. This option is not attractive for many reasons.

With this I will conclude my little guide on this topic. Analyze which is the best option for you, and call us, if you have any questions.