Hiring a junk removal company in Vancouver

For most people, hiring a rubbish removal company is a bit of an easy deal, since they have become aware of the issues associated with this type of service. As an owner of a hauling company, I have to admit that there is a big problem with our industry, and something has to be done. However, in this article I am going to provide you with some points on how to filter out the bad companies and focus on making your choice on the good services.

I am sure that there will be some readers who would find it unusual to speak of garbage removal and quality service, but this post will change their opinion. A good junk removal service consist of the company showing up on time and hauling your items in a professional manner that does not disturb you or your neighbors, and it doesn’t damage your property. They also have to stay within a reasonable range of the cost that they have provided you over the phone. This are some of the basics that most companies in Vancouver will not deliver for their clients, and this creates a bad name for everyone else.

Stay away from the small guys, since most are nothing more than a guy with a rusty pickup truck. Most of the garbage disposal can be carried out with a pickup truck, but this is not the real issue with hiring these guys. The problem is in the fact that these guys are not really taking their service seriously. It is just some cash money on the side, and as soon as they have something more exciting to do, they would abandon their clients without a hesitation.

Almost all my emergency calls are from clients who find themselves in such situations. Often it is a client who is passing possession of a house and he is stuck with a driveway full of rubbish, and the guy with the pickup does not even pick up his phone. This type of service providers lure clients with their low prices and in many cases, they honer the rates, but in most instances, they would double the cost after the job is done. They would not leave your property unless you pay them, and in some cases they would get aggressive.

Then there is the big 1800 JUNK companies, who would provide good service, but they will shock you with their rates. They have a very pleasant way of dealing with you, and you will be very happy with the service, but at the end when you become aware of the price, you realize why they have been so nice to you. Some clients don’t mind paying for the pleasantries, but most feel manipulated.

What I have listed here, are simply the two extremes, and just like in life, you have to find the middle ground. At this point, you will need to do a little bit more filtering of companies that you have decided to examine.

Today it is cheap to get a well designed website and to post all sorts of promises and low rates. This is how clients are lured into hiring dishonest companies. Try to suspend your judgment until you have made few phone calls. The conversations will allow you to gage how you are being treated. Some dishonest vendors will have pleasant customer service but they will try to avoid certain questions, such as extra fees for heavier garbage, or difficult to reach items. If you feel that they are painting your a perfect picture, then you should be suspicious of that treatment. Use your judgment of the conversations you have made. Don’t just make it about the lowest price.

Good luck!