Local junk removal services for Vancouver Area

In order to get rid of your rubbish the right way requires a local junk removal service which is affordable and professional at the same time. Most people living in the Vancouver area find this task difficult to deal with and my reason for writing this article is based on this simple fact. A quick search on the internet returns a jungle of information which is not very useful to a person who has never been dealing with the garbage removal companies operating in British Columbia. The purpose of this article is to inform people on the nature of this industry and some of the mistakes that can be avoided.

Junk Removal Prices

The first question most people have is regarding rubbish removal rates. How expensive is junk removal? Not a simple question to answer since every project is different. Rates are based on how much garbage needs to picked up, how heavy is it, what type of waste is involved and where is it situated on the property. All these variables contribute to dumping fees, labour and other costs which can significantly influence hauling prices. However, in order to answer this question to some degree, we will have to cover few scenarios. 20131212_110147

There are two types of hauling jobs in regards to the size of the garbage. If you have one couch for disposal for example, there will be a disposal feel under $100. Adding few more items will add up to $50. Anything beyond this amount will be regarded as a bigger job. At this point, the rubbish disposal company will charge based on volume. For instance some vendors charge $400 for a full load of waste material. Therefore, a half a load will be in the range of $200. However, these are the basic fees applied under ideal circumstances. If the rubbish has to be carried out of a difficult to reach basement, then there will be some extra labour fees added to the total charge. Therefore, in order to save money the client has to have everything ready in the driveway or the garage.  In some cases clients have rubbish which is of a heavy nature. Since trash removal companies in Vancouver pay disposal fees at the dump based on weight, they have to add the extra fees on top of the total charge. There are also some extra recycling fees added to such items as a mattress or a box spring. The city of Vancouver has strict by-laws regarding recycling certain types of furniture.

How to find a good junk removal company in Vancouver?

The internet is your best friend in this case. Focus on the first page of companies and try compare them. Junk removal rates will not give the whole picture. Some players will list low disposal fees but hide additional fees until it is too late for the client to change companies. This is an unfair practice utilized by some vendors in Canada. Speaking directly to a representative is the most effective strategy in getting the all your questions answered. If you sense that they are avoiding some of those questions, it is time to move onto the next disposal service provider. Pay attention to how you are treated on the phone because most likely you will be treated in a similar way on the day they come to pick up your rubbish. This is the best way to find the most professional and affordable junk removal company in Vancouver.