Mattress removal – how to get rid of it?

20141031_083515This article will help you with the options, you can take, in order to get rid of your old mattress. There isn’t really, a best option, considering the fact that each individual will be dealing with different circumstances. Read on, and find out, which is the best options for you.

Hiring a junk removal company for mattress removal

This is the easiest option, but at the same time, it will cost you more money. Simply put, if you time is more expensive, than $80, then hire a rubbish removal company. They will come by your place, do all the work, and then take it to the right place. In Vancouver, all mattresses must be recycled. All the metal and fabric is recycled. The same applies to box springs. The city cares about the environment, and few years ago, the by-law was introduced. Even David Suzuki feels strongly on the matter of mattress recycling. He is a strong supporter of the local mattress recycling programs.

How much does it cost to remove a mattress?

Depending on the junk removal company you call, pricing can range between $70 and $90. However, this type of service, can jump significantly if you need it hauled away soon. Here is why. Most junk disposal companies have large trucks and they employ 2 to 3 guys in each truck. Sending the whole team for only one mattress, will cost them labour and fuel. In such cases, the price can be as high as $150. In order to bring the cost down, they schedule all their small pick ups on the same day. Usually, one or two days of the week, depending on how busy the company is. On that days, they pick up, all small items in one trip. Then, they can charge much less for the service.

Therefore, if you need your mattress taken to the dump, plan ahead. Give it some time. Usually, couple of days advanced notices is enough.

If you have more than one mattress, what would the cost be? If one mattress costs $80, but you have two, the total cost will not be $160. Since, labour and fuel cost doesn’t change much, the company can pass some of the savings onto the client. Usually, each additional mattress is $30-$40. Companies, have to pay recycling fees for each mattress or box spring. The same applies to pick ups made of mattress and a box spring. It is the equivalent of two mattresses.

Getting rid of a mattress yourself

This option can be attractive to people who have access to a truck or a van. In this case, savings in the range of $50, can be expected. However, be prepared to spend anywhere between hour and a half and few hours, depending on how far you are from the dump, and how big the line up is for disposing of mattresses.

Renting a truck or a van, to get rid of your old mattress is not advisable. Once the rent and the recycling fees are includes, the savings are really small.

Selling or donating your old mattresses

This option is usually the first one, most people consider. However, it is not long before they realize that it is a dead end. The issue, comes from the fact that most people and charities, are afraid of accepting a mattress that might have bed bugs. Therefore, this path is very frustrating to take. As a matter of a fact, almost all charities will simply refuse to accept it. It is a waste, to throw away perfectly good mattress to the dump, while others are in need, but the risk is too high, and most organizations would not take the risk. Bed bugs infestation costs in the 1000’s. Therefore, trying to sell it, or donate the mattress to others, will be a difficult task.

While we are on the topic of bed bugs, we should mention that some junk removal companies, will not take your mattress if it has bed bugs. They don’t want to expose their workers to the hazard of brining bedbugs to their homes. Also, if they get them on their truck, the next client will probably get some unwanted visitors. When you call a company, this should be one of the first piece of information that should be discussed.

We are hoping that this article, has helped you with clearing up the fog, behind the topic on how to get rid of your old mattress. Our company is ready to assist you with the removal of your old mattress or box spring. Give us a call, and we will answer any questions you might have.