Used Appliances pick up in Vancouver

Washer and Dryer disposalWhat do you do when your old large appliance goes bad? How do you recycle such things as an old refrigerator or a washer? It is actually quite simple. In this article you will find out how to get rid of your old appliances the right way.

Old appliances removal is best done by finding a junk removal company that offers such recycling services. Most rubbish disposal businesses operating in Vancouver will be able to assist you in getting rid of old large appliances. Naturally you have to make sure that you get a good services, so do you usual research before deciding which company to hire. Compare rates and ask if there are any extra fees associated with the removal and disposal of your items.


It is rare, but some vendors may not be recycling appliances. Just in case you should ask them if they recycle old appliances. The city of Vancouver has pretty strict laws regarding the disposal of such items but I’ve seen some companies trying to dump fridges at the landfill and in most cases they pay fines. I could never understand this practice since the recycling facility is just across the street.

How are Refrigerator and Freezers recycled?

Refrigerators have to be recycled since they have metal and gasses that should not be vented in the environment. The refrigerator will be picked up by a junk removal company and it will be taken to the recycling facility. The fridges are stored there for a week and then another company comes and removes the gasses. Then the refrigerators are loaded into large disposal bins and the metal is removed.

How is washer and a dryer disposed of?

A recycling company would accept old washer and dryers for the metal. Most of these appliances are made of metal and in Vancouver metal cannot be dumped with the rest of the garbage. These items are placed in the same bin as the rest of the metal that is recycled later at another facility. These recycling facilities actually make money from metal, so they are very happy to see the junk removal companies operating in Vancouver to be visiting them.

How much does it coast to remove old washer and dryer?

Usually it ranges anywhere from $60 to $90 depending on where you live and how easy it is to get it out of your house. To save some money, have it outside your house or in your garage.

Old refrigerator pickup

One thing that you should do when getting rid of your old refrigerator is to clean it. Hauling companies will not remove fridges which still have food in them. The reason for this is because the recycling facilities have the same rules. Also, don’t tape the refrigerator. Some of my clients do this so it is easy for my guys to move it around without the door opening but we have to remove the tape to make sure that there is nothing inside.