Hiring a junk removal company in Vancouver

20141024_100405If you live in Vancouver and you need to get rid of some old rubbish, you are probably wondering, how do you go about it? This article will provide you with all the information you may need, before you hire the right service.

Cost of junk removal?

Cost is important, but by no means, the most important aspect of this service. With few exceptions, the rule of “you get for what you pay for”, applies in this industry. However, lets get back at the topic of pricing. Later, we will revisit the issue of cheap services.

There are two types of projects. If you have few items, that you need to get rid of, then this is called a “small job”. This type of service is fairly easy to price. Most rubbish removal companies, will have a rate for each type of items. There are some variations, but most items are around the $80 range. For example, the cost of disposal of a couch is anywhere between $70 and $100. A mattress is a bit more expensive, since the city of Vancouver, imposes a recycling fee on top of the disposal rate.

What if you have two couches? Will the charge be double? Not if you are dealing with a good company. Each additional item will probably cost half the rate. It makes sense, since some of the expenses associated with disposal of garbage, do not change by too much, as the volume of garbage increases. Weight is the biggest contributor, but we will discuss this further, later in the article.

Once you have more than few items to dispose of, then we will enter the area of the so called “big jobs”. They are priced, for the most part, by volume. Each company has an idea of how heavy garbage is, based on how much volume it takes in their trucks. Since, they are charged at the dump, based on the weight of the junk, they can estimate that cost, while looking at how much volume your rubbish takes.

An average cost of junk removal for a full 10 cubic yards truck is around $400. Filling up the truck, half way, would mean, the total charge will be in the area of $200. It is fairly simple, unless, your situation is out of the ordinary circumstances. What does this mean?

It means, that if your items are difficult to reach, or too heavy, then you will have to pay more for labour and additional charges for the extra weight. As a general rule, you get about 1 free hour of labour for a full load. After this, you may pay as much as $90/h. This is not very high, considering the fact that guys work fairly quickly.

How to hire a good junk removal company?

Head for the Internet and search for local hauling companies. There is no point of hiring someone from Richmond, if you live in Vancouver. If you do so, you may have to pay for the extra fuel. Call few companies around, and find out, which one will give you the best price. However, avoid the really cheap services, since most of the time, they are carried out by people with questionable motives, that are beyond the scope of this article to cover.

They will have some questions for you in regards to your junk and circumstances. Then they will give you an estimate of the cost, and schedule an appointment. The rest is fairly easy. They will show up and get rid of everything, that has been clogging your house for years. Good luck, and don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.